The easy way to create an assembled bootable Easy Rescue Tool System on CD or
an assembled bootable Easy Rescue Tool System on USB-Stick based on Microsoft Windows 10 PE

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we experienced it - didn't we?

Whilst a software is downloaded from the Internet and installed a new version is available and past investment becomes obsolete. System software gets "patched up" very frequently. Particularly annoying if purchased on a live CD remaining in its distributed state.

Ever changing hardware accompanied by driver software updates can be crucial as your application suddenly might be obsolete.

That's where the EasyPE program with its own by the user himself created Easy Rescue Tool System - the ultimate Windows PE emergency system on CD and USB-Stick - comes in!

The live time update function enables the EasyPE user to update his by himself created Easy Rescue Tool CD as well as the programs which the supplied USB-Stick than will hold, at any time.

The automatic integration of device drivers is an essential feature of all EasyPE versions.

Most Windows system repair solutions are not providing a bootable Live CD, which is not particularly helpful where the Windows operating system is affected. The EasyPE solution always offers a bootable Live CD as well as a bootable USB-Stick enabling the user to repair an affected Windows operating system (disaster recovery) using this tool.

Based on a startup Linux Live CD some products are limited in their possibilities for repairing integrated user applications requiring a Windows operating system. Therefore many repair tools have to be installed in Windows OS first in order to use them, but does that help if the operating system is stale?

EasyPE feeding the user's needs creates an assembled Easy Rescue Tool System, bootable, containing important rescue tools depending on the version used, and having full access to the non functional Windows system.

EasyPE is world leading in creating the self-booting Easy Rescue Tool CD as well as the self-booting Windows PE USB-Stick on its own by it's integrated Windows PE builder without the user having to have a degree in computer science or being an IT-wizard.

EasyPE is governed by the copyright laws of Germany as well as by international copyright laws.

The usage of EasyPE is without any obligation or warranty by the author, software producer/supplier or distributor.

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