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To have a Windows live system on a bootable CD and a bootable USB-Stick too is a very fine but not trivial task.

Quite the contrary its a time consuming matter based on some experience gained over time.

In this situation each computer user wheather computer novice or expert conceives the wish to have a simple one click solution anyway, that assumes, depending on the EasyPE version, the download, integration and update of programs from the Internet automaticly.

assembles without any special knowledge and efforts by the user all by it's own an Easy Rescue Tool System with a lot of useful tools (depending on the version) together with a bootable USB-Stick.
The Easy Rescue Tool System is based on Microsoft Windows 10 PE System (Microsoft Windows 10 Preinstallation Environment System).
The creation of the Easy Rescue Tool System will be done with the Microsoft Windows AIK (Microsoft Windows Automated Installation Kit).


downloads depending on its version automatically the most diverse applications from the Internet, installs and integrates them into the Easy Rescue Tool System all by its own.


leaves the user with a bootable Easy Rescue Tool CD together with a bootable USB-Stick based on Microsoft Windows 10 PE.

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