The easy way to create an assembled bootable Easy Rescue Tool System on CD or
an assembled bootable Easy Rescue Tool System on USB-Stick based on Microsoft Windows 10 PE

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to Easy Rescue Tool System

By using EasyPE the creation of a Rescue Tool System is an easy peasy venture.

EasyPE creates - based on Microsoft 7 PE - a bootable Easy Rescue Tool System with inbuilt programs with only a few mouse clicks

No problems with Microsoft Windows OEM versions

Device drivers can be reloaded troublefree into the running system or they even will be reloaded automaticly when required

100% compatibility with Microsoft Windows XP/2000/2003/2003R2, Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/2008/2008R2 and Windows 2012 systems

Applications will be updated automatically by running EasyPE

The system drive of the started WindowsPE system is full writable

No plugins have to be created by the user

The created Easy Rescue Tool System is fully bootable from CD and USB-Stick

Every user succeeds with the automatic creation of an Easy Rescue Tool System without any special computer knowledge and efforts

The inbuilt programs can be used unrestrictedly private as well as commercial

Specifics with the supplied USB-Stick

When updating the integrated, only on the USB-Stick located programs, no new CD must be created/burned

Updating of the programs will be done on the USB-Stick only

Signatures can be updated online or offline either

Swift working with the Easy Rescue Tool because all programs will be started from the USB-Stick

Clearly speeded booting with USB 2.0 comparing with CD if the BIOS allows to boot with USB 2.0 which nearly every actual computer does

The inbuilt programs can be used by the EasyPE system as well as directly by the Windows system

The supplied USB-Stick will be automatically configured and filled with the actual program versions depending on the used EasyPE version

The created Easy Rescue Tool System is fully bootable from CD and USB-Stick

Take the easy way and use EasyPE!

Windows PE Systems
based on Microsoft Windows XP

With the various Windows PE systems based on Microsoft Windows XP you are on the right track to create a Windows Rescue Tool System.

But these PE systems are containing all sorts of stumbling blocks.

Partly huge problems by using Microsoft Windows XP OEM versions as source.

Problems with the integration of device drivers

No official way to integrate device drivers into the live system

Partly destruction of Microsoft Windows Vista/7/2008/2008R2/2012 and Windows 8 systems

Very complex updating of application programs

The started Microsoft WindowsPE system drive is not writable

Creation of own plugins is pretty complex

Partly huge problems when you want to start with an

The legal commercial using of a WindowsPE System is because of the license clauses occasionally pretty problematic

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